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Ami Skånberg Dahlstedt, C.V.
Choreographer, performer, film-maker, writer
Studio BuJi, Husviksv 11, 430 85 Brännö, Sweden

Ami Skånberg Dahlstedt is a well-known profile in Sweden, with her many performances and films. Currently she is developing ways of incorporating traditional Japanese dance and theatre into her contemporary performances and films and at the same time exploring the world of artistic research. Ami lives with her family on the small island Brännö, in the archipelago of Göteborg, the second largest city in Sweden.

Ami has been a member of the jury for the actor´s programme at the Academy of Music and Drama, Gothenburg University. She is a member of the peer review board for Journal of Artistic. She has been invited to speak/perform in academic and artistic conferences and symposiums in Arab Women Solidarity Association in Egypt, University of Wisconsin in U.S., Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts, Sweden, Nordic Summer University in Norway, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland and Iceland. University of Lincoln, U.K., Inkonst in Malmö, Latvian Academy of Culture in Riga, Université de Lorraine in Metz, Ryukoku University in Kyoto, and the University of Arts in Helsinki, Finland.

Ami often creates stage work (solo, and collaborative) on the basis of her embodied life story in a particular theme.  Her 90 min solo performance A particular act of survival received a performing arts award at Scenkonstgalan in Sweden in 2015. In April 2017 her new solo piece The laugh of the Medusa premiered, and it was very well received. The slow walk suriashi is essential in Ami’s practice, which she has studied since 2000 with her teacher Nishikawa Senrei in Kyoto, Japan. Since 2014, she walks in suriashi in different spaces while asking: How can suriashi, shaped in a Japanese context, be a method to approach a place, a city, a room? How can an exclusive Japanese training method become a democratic and feminist method in order to investigate a space, while examining how bodies and intangible/tangible monuments are positioned, and thereby change the view of work and economy in the city? Ami also explores the various accents her dancing contains, where nihon buyō has been an important source of knowledge the last seventeen years.

In March 2015, Ami was appointed coordinator, together with the visual artist Lucy Lyons, for the Nordic Summer University Study Circle 7: Practicing Communities – Transformative societal strategies of artistic research. The study circle is organized through Nordic Summer University, a well-established twice-yearly symposium. Ami is a member of the Peer Review board of Journal of Artistic Research since February 2017. Ami is also a writer. Her debut book was published in 2010. She also writes articles, scripts and texts.

She has received the Gothenburg City Cultural Award twice, for appreciated achievements for the city’s cultural life. She received an honorary mention for her debut film in Paris, 1995. In 1999 she was nominated the Gothenburg Film Festival price, the Golden Hat Award. In 2012, Ami received Västra Götaland Cultural Award.


Gothenburg Ballet Academy, dance programme 1988-1991
Fine Arts and New Media, Valand School of Fine Art, Gothenburg University 1996-1997
Workshops on acting, video dance, dramaturgy of dance, film directing and dance composition at D. I. in Stockholm, Duke University, University of Wisconsin, Southeast Dance in Brighton 1994-2007 with teachers Douglas Rosenberg, Molissa Fenley, Paul Langland, Daniel Lepkoff, Liz Aggiss, Becky Edmunds, Miranda Pennell, Laura Dean, Åsa Johannisson, Barbro Smeds.
Studies in classical Japanese dance, Nihon buyo, with Senrei Nishikawa sensei, and Takabayashi Shinji, Kyoto, Japan, 8 journeys 2000-2015
Traditional Theatre Training, Kyoto Art Center, 2000, 2004, 2011
Japanese language at Gothenburg University 2005, 2012
Noh Theatre Workshop at Royal Holloway 2014
MFA of in-depth acting, Academy of Music and Drama, Gothenburg University 2012-2014
MPhil from Royal Holloway, University of London 2014-2015

Wind in the Willows at Nationalteatern, Göteborg, 1990
Stone and Man in Aasivik, Greenland, project with Finnish artists Nina and Ville Hukkinen 1995
Bird, fish or woman? Solo performed in Reykjavik, Oslo, Göteborg, Kyoto, 1996-2000
Klockande Ballerina dance solo + video for the opening of the National Monument of the
Millennium Shift, in the presence of the Swedish king, Göteborg, 1999
When I became Japanese, solo performance + video projections, 2002-2003 Music: Palle Dahlstedt Light: Madeleine Strandberg
Wallflower, duet with choreographer/dancer Maria Mebius Schröder, invited to Bibliotecha Alexandrina in Egypt, 2002
I must dance! a solo dance piece performed on tour in Sweden, Egypt and Morocco 2004-2006 Design: Gerd Karlsson Light: Anna Wemmert Clausen
Ballerina, a piece for children, for 3 dancers, performed at Folkteatern, on tour in Scandinavia 2006-2007 Music: Palle Dahlstedt Light: Anton Sjöstrand Design: Gerd Karlsson Costumes: Anna Klevenås Kraft
Ballerina, solo performed in gardens and at schools in Sweden and Egypt 2008
Vargkaffe, an international dance project developed in a residency in Saxnäs, Sapmi with Gerd Sjöblom Ulander, Dianne Reid and Heidi S Durning Costumes: Kristin Johansson Lassbo Video clips here and here.
Butterfly Pilots, physical theater for children at Angereds Teater and Mexico Tour 2010-2011 Directed by Johan Friberg and Charlie Åström.
the Bloodsugar dance, choreography based on Kung Fu, ballet, Japanese dance and different experiences of bloodsugar values Music: Palle Dahlstedt, Sweden and Japan 2010-2011, performed by dancer and choreographer Aloun Marchal in 2011 and 2012 work-in-progress dance film shown in Dance and Science Festival 2013 in Canberra, Australia
Dust Falling, Rain Falling, performance about Shirabyoshi with Japanese Nohkan musician and live electronics in Gothenburg and Helsinki April – May 2012 Music: Palle Dahlstedt and Kumiko Nonaka Light: Åsa Holtz
20 x Lamentation, on different forms of suffering – cultural, sacral, human, profane – comparing the piece Kuro Kami with Martha Graham’ s Lamentation. Presenting Noh theatre, videoprojections, ancient and contemporary diaries of illness. Gothenburg, May 2013. Light: Åsa Holtz
Performance – パフォーマンス, Nov 2013, an improvisation of physical bodily constructions in Japanese traditional dance
Performance lecture on gender constructions in Japanese dance and theatre, Helsinki October 2013, Gothenburg 2014, Uppsala 2014, West Pride 2014
Hybrid Heart a performative promenade in Gothenburg Botanical Gardens with hybrids of Japanese dance, music and texts, Aug-Sep 2014, on tour 2015 in Hagakyrkan
A Particular Act of Survival premiere Atalante April 7th 2015, received Scenkonstgalan’s performing arts award in Nov 2015. Music: Palle Dahlstedt Light: Åsa Holtz Costume: Anna Klevenås Kraft
Hero a 20 min piece built on the play Atsumori by Zeami for the Noh Theatre Festival at King’s Place in London in May 2016, at 3:e Våningen and Cinnober in Nov 2016
Female Immortal an artistic research piece performed in Orivesi, Finland and at 3:e Våningen, Gothenburg, 2016, translated into French and performed in Metz, France in Nov 2017
Suriashi Intervention as a performative act in public space, performed together with the audience during the Gallery A Venue Event ‘Kvinnliga Koreografers Konstnärsskap’ Kulturkalaset in August 2016
The laugh of the Medusa, new solo performance, premiere April 26th 2017 at Atalante, Gothenburg

Miss Tuvstarr, her beloved and the bald Quasimodo Short film 16mm, 13 min, 1995. Recieved an honorary mention at Vidéo-Danse Grand-Prix 1996 ”pour l´expression d´une univers personnel et la caractérisation des personnages.” Released on the DVD Danssyndrom.
Woman in Exile Dance video, 7 min, 1995. Shown in Sweden and Denmark
Bird, Fish or Woman? (1996) Dance video, 12 min. Selected for competition at FIPA festival, France,1999 and Dakino Film Festival, Romania, 1999. Shown at many other international festivals.
The Dancer – a Fairy-Tale (1999) Feature film 35 mm, 48 min, 1999. Nominated the Guldhatten Award 1999, shown in Swedish Television and at international festivals Released on the DVD Danssyndrom.
Wallflower, shortfilm (2005) shown in Europe, the U.S., Japan, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil
Other dance videos: Clocking Ballerina (Released on the DVD Danssyndrom), Dream to get warm, The Girl and the Truck, Would you like a ginger cookie?, Dance for Birches, Dance in Room, Dance in Arches, Anna Hedda Margit Judith – four women (1996), Vive Modernism! (1996)The Dance of the Sun, a documentary film about dance in Japan, created together with Folke Johansson, edited by Rasmus Ohlander, music by Palle Dahlstedt released on DVD Oct 9th 2013
Suriashi Intervention a series of continuous slow walks in various landscapes all over the world 2014-ongoing project, screened at Gallery A-Venue in the exhibition Durational Practices and Marathon Art
Spazzare la spiaggia, Ami’s shortest film so far, premiered at Stockholm Dansfilmfestival in Dec 2016 and will be screened internationally during 2017

Nasse Hittar En Stol Tour around Sweden 1992-94
Heatstroke short film by Liz Chae, N.Y. City with Viveca Lindfors 1994
Ärrwin, Ärrwin!! Theatre, tour in Sweden and England 1996
In Shades of God, Scintillae, Di-Edersekvensen with choreographer Gun Lund and E=mc2
Angels Bathing NOHO Theatre Company run by Jonah Salz at Oe Noh Theatre, Kyoto Choreography: Rosa Yuki 2001
As Much Heaven I can carry, actress and choreographer. Written by Mats Kjelbye, directed by Lars-Eric Brossner, performed at Folkteatern 2005
Butterfly Pilots, physical theater for children at Angereds Teater and Mexico Tour 2010-2011 Directed by Johan Friberg and Charlie Åström

Doris dagar – röster från filmens värld anthology with Swedish female filmmakers’ texts, edited by Gunilla Burstedt 2001 ISBN 9789173748223
Älskade Vampyr – om livet med ett barn med diabetes typ 1/Beloved Vampire – on the lifewith a child with diabetes type 1 published Nov 2010, ISBN9172057475
Articles on dance in the Swedish Dancemagazine, Contemporary dance, the Gothenburg Post, the Nordic magazine etc
Bloggen om Dans an educative blogg about different aspects of dance, commissioned by Gothenburg city http://www.omdans.wordpress.com
Three of Ami’ s films are released on DVD, the anthology Danssyndrom, Swedish dancefilms 1992 – 2002
Ami was selected by Kedja Writing Movement to write an article about dance film 2014. This text was published in International Screendance Journal in December 2014
Ami’s text on slow walking in public space will be published in the anthology Being There: Exploring the local through artistic research, NSU Press 2018
Ami wrote a krönika for Curie, the Swedish research Council’s web journal:

Choreographer-Filmmaker Dialectic at Dance for the Camera Symposium, University of Wisconsin in Madison, Feb 10th, 2000:
Women, Creativity, and Dissidence at Arab Women Solidarity Association in Egypt, May 2005:
Shifting Dialogues: The Politics of Site, Locality & Context in Asian Performance and
Visual Arts, First International Symposium of the Asian Art and Performance Consortium (AAPC)
Theatre Academy in Helsinki, Finland May 18-19, 2012
Close Encounters: Contemporary Dance Didactics: Explorations in Theory and Practice,
Nov 2012 at Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts, Sweden
Nordic Summer University (NSU) Artistic Research Summer Symposium 2013
in Ulsteinvik, Norway
Women in Asian Theatre Conference, Sep 2013, at University of Lincoln, U.K.
Shifting Dialogues II: Objects of Desire: Sexual Artifice in Asian Art and Performance,
October 17-19, 2013, University of the Arts Helsinki (performance lecture 60 min)
Nordic Summer University (NSU) Artistic Research Winter Symposium Feb 2014
in Vilnius, Lithuania
Nordic Summer University (NSU) Artistic Research Summer Symposium July 2014
in Sauðárkrókur
Nordic Summer University (NSU) Artistic Research Summer Symposium July 2015 in Druskininkai
Shifting Dialogues III: Documenting Asian Art and Performance: Embodied Knowledge, Virtuality & the Archive, University of the Arts, Dec 2014
Art, Archives, Activism at UCL London September 2015
Nordic Summer University (NSU) Artistic Research Winter Symposium in Riga Feb 2016
SIBCA: Freeze Conference at Det Kongelige Bibliotek in Copenhagen 2016
Nordic Summer University (NSU) Artistic Research Summer Symposium July 2016 in Orivesi, Finland
Nordic Summer University (NSU) Artistic Research Winter Symposium
in Saxnäs, Sapmi Feb 2017
NOFOD Dance and Democracy Conference (artistic keynote) in Gothenburg, June 2017
Nordic Summer University (NSU) Artistic Research Summer Symposium in Saulkrasti, Latvia July 2017
Artist talks and performances in Metz, France Nov 2017

Grants and scholarships

Adlerbert Grant 2012
Carina Ari Foundations 1991, 1996, 2014
Gnistan, Adlerbert Fund 2013
Dansstationen 1999
Danscentrum Väst 2004, 2006, 2012
Swedish Arts Grants Committee projectgrants and scholarships 1996-2005, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016
Gothenburg City Award 1997, 2012
Hanne o Teodor Mannheimer Fund 1998, 1999, 2008
Swedish Arts Council projectgrants 2006, 2007, 2009
Gothenburg City Grants 2006, 2007, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014
Nordic Culture Point 2018
Sweden-Japan Fund 2001, 2011
Swedish Institute 2001, 2005
Film i Väst 1995, 1999
Swedish Filminstitute 1998, 1999
Charlotte och Otto Mannheimer Fund 1999, 2008
Freemasonry grant for promising artists 2013
Kedja Writing Movement Grant 2014
Sleipnir Travelgrant Greenland 1995, Iceland 2002
Västra Götalandregionen Award 2012
Västra Götaland regionen International exchange 2012

Some international festivals, museums and theatres where Amis films and performances have been shown:
Argentina: Festival Internacional de Video Danza in Buenos Aires 1996, 1997, 1998, 2000, 2005, 2013
Australia: Art Play 2007
St Kilda Park Primary School 2007
DANscienCEfestival in Canberra 2013
Belgium: Centre Culturel Jacques Franck in Bruxelles 1997
Brazil: Danca em Foco in Sao Paolo and Rio de Janeiro 2005
Bulgaria: Gabrovo Museum of Humour and Satire 2017
Denmark: Dansfestival in Århus 1996
Egypt: Alexandria International Filmfestival 1999
Alexandria International Summerfestival 2002
Arab Women Solidarity Association in Kairo, led by Nawal El Saadawi 2005
Schools in Alexandria 2008
Bibliotecha Alexandrina 2002, 2008
Finland: Theatre Academy of Helsinki, University of the Arts Shifting Dialogues 2012, 2013, 2014
Nya Paviljongen, Grankulla 2012
Orivesi 2016
France: Vidéo Danse Grand Prix, Paris 1995
Festival International de Programmes Audiovisuels, Biarritz 1999
Gallerie 015 Essai de Dynamique, Metz 2017
The Récollets cloister, Metz 2017
Germany: Dance Screen in Frankfurt 1999
Greenland: Culturefestival outside Narsaq 1995
Kalaallit Nunaat Radioa, Christianiaradio 1995
collaboration with the rap group Nuuk Posse and Kalaallit Nunaat Radioa, Grönlands TV 1995
Iceland: UNM festival at Nordens Hus in Reykjavik 1997
The Summerfestival of the Arts at Ketilhus in Akureyri 2002
Nordic Summer University in Sauðárkrókur 2014
invited to do a walking project in Mossfellsbaer Gallery in Reykjavik
Indonesia: Bandung Dance Film Festival, West Java 2013, 2017
Japan: Kyoto International Community House 2001
Kyoto Connection, 2000
Kyu Ryu Kan Dance and Art Studio in Kyoto, 2000, 2001
Oe Noh Theatre i Kyoto 2001, 2004, 2011
Media Dance, International videofestival in Kyoto and Yokohama 2006, 2008, 2013, 2014
Iwakura Space, Kyoto 2010, 2013
Traditional Theatre Training at Kyoto Art Center 2000, 2004, 2011
Urban Guild 2015
Latvia: Nordic Summer University, 2016
Nordic Summer University, 2017
Lithuania: Nordic Summer University, 2014
Mexico: International Dance and Theatrefestival Festival Cervantino in Irapuato, Leon, Guanajuato and Celaya 2011
Morocco: International Dance and Theatrefestival at Dar Taqqafa in Marrakesh 2006
Norway: Henie Onstad Kunstsenter in Oslo1998, Sandefjord 2006, NSU in Ulsteinsvik 2013
Portugal: Festival Internacional de Video Danza in Porto 2005, 2006
Rumania: DaKino Filmfestival in Bukarest 1999
Spain: Video dance festival in Barcelona 1995
Festival de Videodanza de Palma de Mallorca, 2014
Switzerland: Bern 2007
U.K.: the Place in London 1999,
Dance Screen in Brighton 2005
Noh Theatre Festival at King’s Place in London 2016
U.S.: Artists Television Access, San Francisco 1999
American Dance Festival at Duke University in North Carolina 1997, 1998, 1999, 2005, 2014
Dancefilmsymposium and screening at University of Wisconsin 2000
Dance on Camera in New York 2000, 2005, 2015
Sans Souci Dance Festival in Boulder, Colorado 2005
Uruguay: Festival Internacional de Video Danza in Santiago 2005

Ami gives a dance class, inspired by buyo training:






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