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Studio BuJi – OtoKin and Walking Arts

juni 22, 2020

Under 2019 och 2020 ägnar sig Studio BuJi åt walking art, dans- och musikimprovisation.
Läs vår senaste artikel här 

Här är en dokumentation från vår medverkan i festivalen Vindöga i november 2019, Sandviken:

OtoKin by Palle Dahlstedt and Ami Skånberg Dahlstedt
Performance at the Vindöga Festival, House of Culture, Sandviken, November 22, 2019 OtoKin work was originally commissioned by the AHA Festival in Gothenburg. Oto 音 means sound in Japanese, and ear in latin, while Kin is short for kinesis, meaning motion in Greek. Motion through the ear, music and movement, or music and dance. They are intimately connected as embodied human expressions. The addition of technology makes the combination of the two both easier and more difficult, and more interesting. The path from electronic music to dance is easy to see, while the other direction is harder to tame. In OtoKin, an invisible sound space is explored through ear (Oto) and movement (Kinesis). With eyes closed, we enter a high-dimensional acoustic space, where every small body movement matters. Through this re-translation of three-dimensional body action, posture, and position into infinite-dimensional sound texture and timbre, you are forced to re-think and re-learn: Position as place, sound as motion, posture as timbre, timbre as a bodily construction. The OtoKin sound space is shared by two dancers, with added modes of presence, proximity and interaction. The performance itself, within this carefully designed performance space, is inspired by traditional Japanese performance, which we both have practiced for many years, in Japan and elsewhere. The combination of movement constraints and the limited visibility of Noh masks, with the affordances and emergent patterns of interaction in the sonified space, gives the work a very special character. The world premiere performance can be seen here:
Video from visitors trying out the installation version can be found here:
Inom kort kommer boken ‘Walking Bodies’ ut där Ami Skånberg Dahlstedt skrivit ett kapitel om sitt gåendeprojekt i suriashi.
In short the book ‘Walking Bodies’ will be published where Skaanberg Dahlstedt has written a chapter on her walking project in suriashi. The book is edited by Helen Bee, Claire Hind and Phil Smith. You can order it from Triarchy Press. Du kan beställa boken från Triarchy Press



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